Fiskars: Project Orange Thumb Recipient

I am lucky to get to work with Fiskars. Not only do they make amazing tools (check them out here) but they give back to the community. The Project Orange Thumb is a community garden grant program that has given away over $1.6 million dollars to more than 180 community groups since 2002. That is how you give back. The application process starts later this year and the awards are given out in the Spring of the following year. For more info on Project Orange Thumb check it out here.

As you can see my shed is stocked with almost the entire Fiskars tool collection! The recipients of the Project Orange Thumb get tools and money to help with their projects. 

One of the winners of this years Project Orange Thumb grant is the Just Garden Project which is run by the nonprofit Seattle Tilth located in Seattle, Washington. 

"The Just Garden Project run by the nonprofit Seattle Tilth is dedicated to fighting hunder and food insecurity in King County, Wash., by building gardens with and for low-income families providing them with organic gardening education and support. With the help of their Project Orange Thumb grant, Just Garden will provide tools to community gardeners at no cost and will reach their goal of building enough garden beds for 80 families. This volume of garden beds has the capability of producing $40,000 of fresh vegetables every year, allowing low-income households to eat healthier and be more self-sufficient."

As you can see from the picture below the Just Garden project used the Fiskars tools and their great volunteers to complete more garden beds. 

New raised planters ready to be planted thanks to great volunteers and Fiskars tools!

New raised planters ready to be planted thanks to great volunteers and Fiskars tools!

This is just the type of community organization that Project Orange Thumb was created to help. If your community organization wants to apply for the Project Orange Thumb, the application process opens later this year and is open to non-profits across the US and Canada! I look forward to reading your application. Happy gardening!!


Posted on August 22, 2016 .