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My April 4 Today Show Segment

My April 4 Today Show Segment

I love doing live tv. It is a rush like no other knowing there are no takes or second chances. That being said, going on the Today Show with a seasoned pro like Matt Lauer makes it easier. I was originally going to do the segment outside on the plaza amogst the fans but the weather had other ideas. 

The layout of the segment

The layout of the segment

The list of my topics:

1. Planning: Spring is the time to plan and organize your garden and planting plan. If you are going to make a new planting bed or add to existing you can research what plants will fit in the area. Make sure to take into account size and wether its a sun or shade spot in the yard. 

2. Planting Pots: My favorite take away tip was putting plastic bottles in the bottom of pots. When planting annuals: like herbs, veggies or pansys you do not need too much room for root growth. These plants only will grow for one year so typically only need 6-10 inches of space for roots. So by adding the plastic bottles into the bottom you arent going to harm the plant. It actually has many benefits. It makes the pot lighter, thus easier to move. It allows for drainage. It will save you money by not over-using potting soil. 

3. Painting the pots: Clay or plastic pots can be expensive and older ones start to look beaten up after a few years of use. You can spruce them up by adding a coat of paint to them. This adds another dimension of color and a second life to those pots. 

4. Seedlings: Starting your veggie and herb garden from seed will save you money and its a fun way to start your garden inside. I used plastic egg cartons, filled them with potting soil, and planted each row with a different veggie. Close the lid and you have a mini greenhouse! Just add water when you see it dry out and wait for the veggies to sprout. 

5. Composting: The best way to fertilize your garden, keep waste out of the trash and have an all natural garden. 

6. Trimming and pruning: using the right tools is step one and the best around are from Fiskars. Make a sharp 45 degree angle cut to ensure the cut doesn't get diseased. Make sure you double check that you are pruning your plants at the right time of the year. If you prune at the wrong time then you could be cutting off flowers!!

7. Mulch: The perfect finishing touch to any planting bed. It adds color,  a great smell, helps keep down weeds and as it breaks down it adds nutrients to the plants. 

Posted on April 5, 2017 .